Instructor/Consultant - Julie Steedman

Name: Julie Steedman
State: NSW
Area: Malua Bay, Eurobodalla
Phone Number(s): 0427 439 870
Mobile: 0427 439 870
E-mail: (Click to contact Julie Steedman)
Courses: BG101, BG104, BG106, BG110, Optimal Brain Organization,Touch For Health 1- 4
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information

I Can Help You!


I am a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor (Educational Kinesiologist) living in stunning Malua Bay on the far South Coast NSW.


I have managed a busy clinic for over 14 years where I have successfully helped children increase their reading, spelling, writing and concentration levels while reducing disruptive behaviour, stress and anxiety. I have also had great outcomes with children who are non-verbal and bed wetters plus more! And I love teaching others how to achieve their goals in Brain Gym Training courses.


I am always looking for new ways to expand my knowledge so that I can share with you how Brain Gym can unlock your full potential, whether through one on one clinic or through one of the many courses I run each year. (See: for an up to date list designed for parents, teachers and carers)


Brain Gym 104 – Learn all 26 Basic Brain Gym Movements

Brain Gym 106 – ‘Hands On: How to Use Brain Gym in The Classroom’ – Learn the foundation movements of reading, writing, spelling & math

Brain Gym 101 – Learn how to put the 26 movements into a balance process to work on personal goals

Brain Gym 110 – Movement Facilitator Practicum – Pre-requisite BG104, BG101 & 26 Movement Case Study (5 Case Studies are required if you are a Licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant)

OBO – Optimal Brain Organisation – Learn about hemispheric specialization & how our behaviours can help us to better understand ourselves; our abilities & learning opportunities. Requirement for Instructor/Consultant Licensing.

Touch For Health Levels 1-4 Learn TFH kinesiology to balance energy, pain & stress.

I can also assist you in becoming a licensed Movement Facilitator, Brain Gym Consultant or Touch for Health Consultant.



Teach BG104, conduct Brain Gym introductory classes (6 hours or less) introduce Brain Gym Movements into your existing workplace, use the registered trademark and facilitator logo.


Teach BG101, offer customized trainings/workshops, access more training to add to the courses you offer, provide private sessions in exchange for a fee, use the registered trademark and licensed instructor logo.

As a Touch for Health Consultant 

Teach TFH 1-4, see clients one on one or in workshops. Use the registered logo. Compliments Brain Gym.

Ask me how!

In the meantime, keep up to date on my website: or Facebook: