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Hand-eye coordination improvements

My son Evan was never interested in ball sports, he did everything he could to avoid them. I was aware of the importance of gross motor development through my studies, so I persisted and attempted time and time again to engage him. We even tried different types of sports, from catching, throwing, and kicking, to golf, basketball, handball, and soccer. Yet every time, I saw resistance, a genuine dislike and at times complete avoidance. I could sense within him an underlying desire to play, but I could also see and feel the sadness, frustration and deflation of his constant ‘trying’, many games would end in tears. It pained me to watch his constant disappointment. One day while we were playing handball, I noticed that he had a great deal of overflow of movements. ‘Overflow’ movements are those that are not required to perform the task at hand. Therefore, they are an inefficient use of available physical and mental energy. His mouth or other hand would also move when attempting to hit the ball. He was having so many of these involuntary movements, no wonder he felt so frustrated and avoided playing. I began to realise the reason he did not want to play was because he genuinely found ball sports difficult as he was not in control of his body. I decided to do a Brain Gym® balance with him. He chose the goal ‘to be better at handball’. I thought this was a great goal to start with as many of his friends played handball at school and he felt left out. He chose a 3D repatterning movement sequence. After the balance was completed, I found myself excited and full of anticipation of what would transpire. Having experienced so many positive changes myself through Brain Gym® balances, I was full of hope and curiosity.My expectations were surpassed and the difference that one balance made was nothing short of remarkable. Today, you rarely see him without a ball. His favourite sports are handball, soccer, AFL, and cricket. He is sport mad!!! and plays morning, noon, and night…. inside, outside, wherever and whenever he can.  However, it wasn’t all about the sports. After the balance I had a child who was more comfortable in his own body, more confident outwardly and I have seen improvements that extended to all hand-eye and hand-foot coordination activities. I am forever grateful for Brain Gym® and the power it has to gently enhance a person’s natural potential, to make things easier. What more can we ask for?