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More confidence

My son has been after me to swing with him, but I don’t because it makes my stomach jump and my whole body cringe. I once did a DLR for it, but I needed more. Well I got on the swing, knowing that I still had some sort of vestibular issue, and it all started up again. I got off and checked my 3 dimensions. Then I went to our blanket, laid down and did the 3DR. After the 3DR, I got back on the swings and started swinging. It was better. However, as I got higher my stomach wanted to jump and my muscles cringe. So I held my Positive Points with one hand and the chain of the swing with the other, and breathed deeply. I kept swinging and I could feel the stomach jumping sensation release and the cringing muscles release. I continued and soon I was swinging as high as the bar, holding on with one hand and in perfect balance. I stopped swinging and checked the 3 dimensions. I got on the swing again and could swing as high as the bar with total ease for the first time in my 48 years.