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Research Project Bowral 2016

MacArthur Diversity Services Initiative (2.47 MB)
Uploaded: Sun 19th Jan 2020

Gillian Stuart Research

‘Reducing Challenging Behaviours in ‘at-risk’ Adolescents with Brain Gym®.’ © - Extract (Summary of Thesis) (271.75 KB)
Uploaded: Tue 24th Jun 2014

‘Reducing Challenging Behaviours in ‘at-risk’ Adolescents with Brain Gym®.’ © - Gillian Stuart Research Thesis (2.31 MB)
Uploaded: Wed 14th Jul 2021

Pilot Study on Reading Achievement (2002)

Pilot Study-The effect of Brain Gym® on reading achievement for grades 3-5, 2002 (2.12 MB)
Uploaded: Thu 13th Apr 2023

Brain Gym intervention in mathematical abilities of high school students

Brain Gym intervention in mathematical abilities of high school students (1.19 MB)
Uploaded: Fri 28th Jul 2023

Video – Research about Positive Points (23 minutes)

Ger Casey interview-Calming the Heart with ESR –It shows that Positive Points lowers blood pressure in 5 minutes; but it does not maintain it because one needs to eradicate reason for stress.

Brain Gym® references in recent books

  1. Enza Lyons – ADD/ADHD BREAKTHROUGH – How to increase concentration, focuses attatention, build self-esteem and achieve success at school and in life – Parent Guide
  1. Enza Lyons – Success at School and Beyond. Seven simple steps to boost your child’s ability to learn, confidence and self-esteem for greater success at school and in life – Parent guide
  1. Jenny Cluning’s book [Building Bright Futures Book (Neuro Therapy Toolkit for Parents, Educators & Health Professionals) with a short section about Brain Gym], is expected to be available in early December 2020. Jenny has a pre-launch price of $29.95 and more information can be found on her website which shows the cover and contents:
  1. Patricia Lemer’s Outsmarting Autism. Build Healthy Foundations for Communication, Socialization and Behavior at All Ages. It is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand and well researched book about managing, healing and preventing Autism Spectrum Disorders. The book includes information about Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym®, retained reflexes and sensory integration. It talks of modifications of Brain Gym® to suit individuals with significant special needs and severe challenges. It explains how Educational Kinesiology’s goal is to reduce stress and integrate the brain for enhanced learning and performance.

Video – Using 100% of Your Brain – Dr. Bruce H.Lipton (9 minutes)

Permission granted by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. (his website:

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