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Better work and happier

8 year old Joel is a quiet child who has been tested for ADD /ADHD and depression. His mother brought him to me last week, saying that he was frequently sad and despondent, and hates school.  During his first session, we did Dennison Laterality Repatterning, and he began to smile. He sat thoughtfully for a moment, and said “I have never felt like this before!  It’s quiet in my brain and I can think!  This is so cool.”

The next day his mother called to say that he told her he was feeling happier. She said it was a relief to her, and that her son’s happiness is the best Mother’s Day gift she could receive.   It is so satisfying to share this amazing work with people.  It may look very simple sometimes, using just the right movements at the right times and restoring the whole brain functioning in a way that can change someone’s life.  I am grateful to be doing this beautiful work.