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All licensed Instructor/ Consultants and Movement Facilitators are independent contractors and therefore handle their own course registration process including fees, schedules, and locations.

You have nothing to lose as these courses come with a money-back guarantee. If you feel that you have gained nothing from a course please let the instructor know before the end of the final day and ask for a refund of the course fee.

Check with an individual Instructor or Movement Facilitator about the availability of face-to-face or online courses. Workshops can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Instructor/Consultants can also assist NDIS clients.

Introductory Workshops

Introductory Workshops introduce participants to the Brain Gym® program & teach a number of the movements. They are taught by licensed Brain Gym® Instructors or Movement Facilitators and are a great way to experience the benefits of the movements.

Introductory Workshops

Entry Level Courses

There are 8 accredited entry level courses available to all:

  • Brain Gym®101 (BG101)
  • Brain Gym® 26 Movements (BG104)
  • Double Doodle Play: a window into whole-brain vision (BG105)
  • Hands On-How to use Brain Gym in the Classroom and Beyond (BG106)
  • Dominance Factor (DF205)
  • Visioncircles™ (VC220)
  • Switched-On Selling™ (SOS020)
  • Switched-On Network Marketing™ (SONM 040)
Entry Level Courses

Advanced Level Courses

The advanced level courses are available for people, who wish to learn more about the Educational Kinesiology work or become a professional member. Brain Gym®101 is the prerequisite to learn advanced courses.

Faculty At Work – Julie Gunstone, Patti Leahy and Gilly Johnson

Several Faculty at Work courses (BG181, BG182 – FW2) are being offered. Prerequisite is BG101. Hours count towards relicensure for Consultants/Instructors. Please check under Accredited Courses or Faculty at Work Courses for more details.

Accredited Courses Taught in Australia

(Not all courses may be currently scheduled. Please scroll down to the course of interest. Contact Us if you are interested in doing a course that is currently not scheduled.)

  • 101 Brain Gym®101
  • 104 Brain Gym® 26 Movements
  • 105 Double Doodle Play: a window into whole-brain vision
  • 106 Hands On-How to use Brain Gym® in the Classroom and Beyond
  • 110 Brain Gym® 26 Movement Facilitator Training
  • 181 Faculty At Work 2
  • 182 Faculty at Work
  • 201 Optimal Brain Organization
  • 205 Dominance Factor
  • 214 In Synch 1- Integrating the Senses through Movement
  • 220 Visioncircles™
  • 223 Movement Dynamics Part 1: exploring three dimensions
  • 224 Movement Dynamics Part 2: flow medleys
  • 250 Professional Principles and Practice of Edu-K
  • 301 Edu-K In Depth: seven dimensions of intelligence
  • 302 Faculty At Work In Depth
  • 360 Creative Vision
  • 380 Integrating the Primitive Reflexes Using Brain Gym® and Touch for Health
  • 385 Motivation of the Three Dimensions-A Deeper Understanding of the Three Dimensions
  • 401 Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum
  • 411 Movement Facilitator Practicum
  • 505 Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole Brain Vision Teachers’ Training
  • 551 Visioncircles™ Teacher Training
  • 552 Optimal Brain Organization Teacher Training
  • 020 Switched-On Selling™
  • 040 Switched-On Network Marketing™
  • 090 Touch for Health 1
Currently Scheduled Courses in Australia