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Better Aim

I had a 14 year old come in wanting a balance be able to shoot goals for his basketball team. He did his pre-activity to shoot his goal.with me being the distractor jumping about. I noticed that this little sponge ball that was in place of  the realthing kept hitting the ceiling and deflecting off …not into the little plastic ring on the door jam…the best I could supply at this short notice!!!   Also I noticed that he leaned his body forward a little off balance to shoot.  After a 7 dimensions balance and a Gravity balance, you should have seen the change of action!!!!!  No longer did he lean forward to shoot. He kinda squatted down using his knees…he was so grounded!!! Then shoot ….and would you believe….it didn’t hit the roof but went straight in this little plastic hoop!  Hmmmmmm …..he was cool….didn’t phase him. His mother arrived and he was off to my reminder to breathe when he went for his shots. I heard days later that he actually shot 4 goals that night. His mum said he usually passes them on to others.