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More engagement

I have a doubting-Thomas of a parent – her daughter has been in therapy since she was born – about 11 years.  After working with her child today, I was chatting with Mom for about a half an hour, during which time her daughter had nothing to do.  The daughter started becoming unfocused without something to engage her mind and body.  I mentioned to the mom about drinking water and its benefits.  Of course, as usual, this mom immediately poo-pooed the idea as having any credence.  We called her daughter over to us and she immediately slouched heavily against Mom, stared into space, and wasn’t able to answer any of our questions.  I had her mom give her some water and all of a sudden there was this energetic child again – she stood up straight, not needing to lean against mom anymore. She no longer was staring off into space but focused instead on her mom – and she started engaging her mom in conversation.  Prior to the water we couldn’t get her to give clear answers to our questions.  It was truly powerful for this mom to see that, and for me to be able to help her notice the changes before and after in her daughter after just drinking some water!