Introductory Workshops

A brief introduction to the Brain Gym® program is available through workshops that can be tailored to your needs.

Introductory Workshops

Get a taste of the Brain Gym® program by attending an Introductory Brain Gym® workshop near you. You’ll gain information about the Brain Gym® movements, techniques, and theory.

Our Brain Gym® Instructors and Movement Facilitators are licensed to use the Brain Gym® material to develop and teach these workshops. As independent contractors they are able to create titles and content (within parameters), set up their own registration processes including fees and schedules and distribute certificates of attendance.

These workshops have not been reviewed and approved by Brain Gym® Australia, as such, while an instructor may distribute certificates of attendance, there is no licensure or re-licensure credit available through Brain Gym® Australia.

Brain Gym® Introductory Workshop

Date/Time: 30th September 2021 (10:30am-12:30pm SA time)

Location: online
Fee: Contact Heather for details.

A brief introduction to the  Brain Gym® Movements, for whole brain learning. Learn some of the 26 simple, effective movements for improving communication, organisation, focus/comprehension, reading, writing, maths and other academic and business skills. It is great for behaviour management, motivation & personal development. Learn practical skills for stress management. Feel the difference and PACE your life (Be Postive, Active, Clear, Energetic!)


Heather Gibbons
08 8768 2537 0407 978 335

Moving Forward With Brain Gym

Date/Time: 26th September 2021 (10am - 12 noon)

Location: Mildura
Fee: Contact Kate for details & fee.

Times are challenging for everyone as we adapt to/struggle with life in a COVID normal world

In this 2 hour workshop we learn a simple effective process to balance the physical, emotional and mental stress that may prevent us from achieving our goals

During this fun workshop we will

  • Explore PACE a simple technique for switching on all areas of the brain
  • Use affirmations supported by some of 26 Brain Gym® movements to put our goals into action
  • Use the powerful tool of “noticing” and practise listening to our body’s inner wisdom
  • Learn about three important parts of our brain and how they may affect our behaviour
  • Use some Brain Gym® movements that work specifically with each of these areas of the brain


Kate Keetley
0417 132 254