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Faster Learning

My senior classes love the Brain Gym® movements.  They start each lesson with PACE and choose Brain Gym exercises from a list I have taught them.  We have also done a Positive Attitude balance and a Listening Balance with terrific results.  The students feel far more confident in aural lessons than ever before…they also learned to sing a 5-part very difficult vocal work (male and female) in 20 minutes the other day. -fantastic!            It is pleasing to note that the students are very confident with the exercises as other teachers are also using them in their classrooms.

My junior classes have been asking about the exercises (as they see the seniors doing and talking about them) so they actually nagged me to teach them too.  Now THEY ASK to do the exercises each lesson. It is working wonderfully for the two special needs students in my class – and they enjoy doing it!