Professional Training

Has your life been transformed by the Brain Gym®program? Do you have a passion for helping others? Consider giving back by becoming a Licensed Movement Facilitator or Licensed Brain Gym®Instructor, and spreading this valuable work.

Licensed Movement Facilitator

The Licensed Movement Facilitator track is an entry level track whereby one may teach the 26 Brain Gym movements along with a few basic concepts in exchange for a fee.

Benefits include:

  • Using and marketing oneself as a Licensed Brain Gym®Movement Facilitator using the trademarked phrase, BRAIN GYM®
  • Offering customized trainings or workshops up to 6 hours maximum
  • Having one’s contact information listed on this website
  • Posting their BG104 course schedule on this website
  • Earning an official Brain Gym®Movement Facilitator logo for use in marketing materials
  • Teaching Brain Gym®104
  • Receiving publications from Brain Gym® Australia.

Brain Gym®Movement Facilitator Curriculum

In order to become a Licensed Brain Gym®Movement Facilitator:

1. Complete the Following Coursework:

  • Brain Gym®101
  • Brain Gym®104: Brain Gym 26 Movements
  • 26 Case Studies (outlined in BG104)
  • Brain Gym®110: 26 Movement Facilitator Training (currently in development)

2. Sign the Movement Facilitator Agreement

3. Pay an annual fee of $100/year to Brain Gym® Australia.


Licensed Instructor / Consultant

The Brain Gym Instructor / Consultant track is a professional track for those who wish to go deeper into the the Brain Gym program, allowing them to teach more courses and work with clients privately.

Benefits include:

  • Use and market oneself using the trademarked phrase, BRAIN GYM®
  • Offering customized trainings or workshops
  • Having one’s contact information listed on this website
  • Posting one’s course schedules on our website
  • Earning an official Licensed Brain Gym®Instructor logo for use in marketing materials
  • Teaching Brain Gym®104 (provided either an Update or BG110 was attended during the licensure process)
  • Teaching BG101 and any other courses on the Brain Gym curriculum for which one completes the training
  • Providing private sessions in exchange for a fee
  • Receiving publications from Brain Gym® Australia.

All facilitators and instructors are independent contractors who oversee their own schedules, course registration, and fees.

The following are the training requirements for Australia.

Our curriculum offers five levels of courses built on the Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) learning model.

Level 1 courses are open to all, and introduce the basics of the Brain Gym® program. We recommend starting with our signature course, Brain Gym® 101.

Level 2 courses build on and have Brain Gym® 101 as the pre-requisite. Optimal Brain Organization (OBO) is a required (core) course in the licensure process at this level.

Level 3 courses have varied pre-requisites and are geared towards one-on-one consulting work. Edu-K In Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence is the required (core) course at this level.

Level 4 courses are for our professional instructors. After attending the Practicum course, the final course in the licensure process, one can apply for a valid licence with Brain Gym® Australia. These training courses require a valid licence.

Level 5 contains the teacher training courses and requires a valid licence. Check the prerequisites carefully.

Australia follows the Core Curriculum, which is the minimum training set by the International Faculty of Brain Gym® International.

The following requirements for licensure apply to Australia only.  If you wish to teach in any other country you will need to ensure that you have fulfilled the licensure process for that country and have contacted the International Faculty member in charge of curriculum in that country prior to organising any class.

There are four steps to become a qualified Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant. The course of study will take approximately 18 months to two years.  This time includes course hours, home study and practical application hours.

Brain Gym® 101 is required for Level 200 courses and above.  However when proceeding through the training it is not necessary to complete all of step one before moving to the steps two and three. Be sure to check prerequisites for individual courses.


  1. Brain Gym® 101
  2. Brain Gym® 101 Repeat
  3. Four Case Studies
  1. 201 Optimal Brain Organization
  2. Anatomy/Kinesiology-minimum 14 Hours eg. Touch for Health 1 
  1. 301 Edu-K In Depth
  2. Three Case Studies using Edu-K In Depth
  3. Written answers to Edu-K In Depth questions
  1. Choose 16 Hours from levels 100, 200 or 300 Level Electives on the Brain Gym® International website
  1. 401 Practicum
  2. Practicum Assessment
  3. Sign Brain Gym® Australia Sublicense
  4. Become a member of Brain Gym® Australia
  5. Maintain Professional Status


Maintaining your professional status: 

1.  Be a current professional member of Brain Gym® Australia Inc. (membership renewed annually);

2.  Have a current Instructor sub-licence agreement (signed every four years), which includes having 48 credit points of continuing professional development in Brain Gym/Edu-K in a 4-year period through:

  • Edu-K Courses listed on the website
  • Edu-K conference hours
  • participating in Forums or Faculty update days
  • giving service to BGA and the community
  • participating in non Edu- K courses as listed on the international website.


Special Notes:
1.   Under the current licensure requirements, ALL courses on the Edu-K curriculum count towards initial licensure and maintaining your professional status with the exceptions of Special Interest Application and Pilot courses.

2.   Special Interest Application and Pilot courses only count towards maintaining your professional status.

3.   For courses at levels 100, 200 and 300 that are regularly offered here in Australia, see the Courses section  on this website. For a full list of courses available go to
4.   Students are encouraged to experience the work from different instructors and consultants.