Instructor/Consultant - Shelley Floyd

Name: Shelley Floyd
State: QLD
Area: Tewantin, Noosa
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0409 899 644
E-mail: (Click to contact Shelley Floyd)
Courses: BG101, BG104
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information

I offer 1-2 Hour, 1 Day, 2 Days, Week long, Month long and 3-6 Month Private Intensives for both Personal Clients, Schools and Group Programs.

I offer private consultations either in person or virtually.

I offer group workshops varying from 2-4 Hours.

Special Focus Workshops I have developed

  • Women’s Self Love
  • Aging with Joy
  • Parent and Child Empowered Connection
  • All have the added option of Mentoring and Follow Up

I have worked in full classrooms of 28 students positively engaging both teachers and students in music based and movement-based programs integrating right and left brain learning activities to support whole brain learning capabilities.

I have conducted interactive presentations to Community and Women’s groups on the Sunshine Coast.

At the beginning of my journey to reclaiming the natural brilliance that has always been within was initiated by my seeking to want to have clarity and calm for myself, my three children and husband at the time. I was blessed to meet an extraordinary Human Being who suggested Brain Gym ® was all I needed to integrate both sides of my brain to live in my purpose.

I was so nervous as I envisioned within, the question “could this be all it takes to find my place in the world again” I contacted Tania McGregor the closest Brain Gym Instructor to where I lived and was joyously invited to joining one of her introductory offerings of Brain Gym ® in 2008. Tania opened a space in my heart in that first day that ignited all possibilities of such a nurturing tool kit to use for myself and all in my immediate world, I could live in the now honouring my inner self and that of others. I began my studies to become an Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym ® Consultant/ Instructor and completed my Practicum in February 2011.

My purpose at the time was to be the best Mum I could be while holding space for all to become the best version of themselves utilizing and sharing the many gifts Educational Kinesiology offers to all who were drawn to this amazing modality of Kinesiology.

I began working with my daughter and two sons while integrating my Educational Kinesiology Tool Kit throughout my studies and still today. Their labels at the time were Psoriasis, Audio Processing Challenges/Dyslexia, Severe Allergies/ Food Intolerances Three beautiful children with three beautiful Dis-ease within and the Dis-covery of the learning lessons have been astounding and self-empowering for each child who are now all young Adults. I am so very blessed they chose me as their Mum and trust they feel blessed right back 🙂

It is my inner knowing that every generation comes to enlighten and become gift bearers should we empower them. I thank God and the Universe as we move in Clarity and Calm with the foundational tools of Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym ® and thank Paul and Gail Dennison who have lovingly brought forward their knowledge to those who are drawn to them, the ripple of their wisdom is unfolding in many hearts and minds. 🙂