Instructor/Consultant - Patricia Collins

Name: Patricia Collins
State: QLD
Area: Nerang, Qld
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0417 627 550
E-mail: (Click to contact Patricia Collins)
Courses: BG101, BG104
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information

My search for health and well being for my two children who were challenged with food allergies, began over 40 years ago.  As we navigated this interesting journey, I discovered the amazing world of natural therapy.  As a full time Primary School Teacher, I was always on the go ensuring everyone had the best opportunity to be happy and healthy.  During this journey, I forgot the golden rule of self first, and in my mid 40’s was blessed with Thyroid and Adrenal issues and ended up with Chronic Fatigue.  At this time, my children were 7 and 10.

I found an amazing Chiropractor/Naturopath who was researching Chronic Fatigue and so after 10 months of absolutely no energy to work or enjoy a day without weakness I attended his clinic.  Within a fortnight, I could feel a change, my sleep became more restful and I found energy to go for a picnic with my family.  Not only did he work on improving my physical health, he encouraged me to learn to balance stress through mindful practices and stepping back from my busy-ness to breathe!

I call my Chronic Fatigue the greatest blessing because it allowed me to discover the importance of balance and seeing opportunities in each day.  I learned to relax and connect and enjoy life.  I learned to put my attention and energy in the now and focus on the joy that each moment brings.  After another 12 months of healing, I was able to return to full-time teaching with a new energy and outlook.  I loved the connection with the students in my class, their parents and other teachers.  I found joy in assisting each student to be the best they could be.  I empowered them to learn and navigate the world around them.

After my full-time teaching concluded, I decided to study natural therapy after my full-time teaching days but wasn’t sure what modality.  A wonderful holistic doctor introduced me to the world of Kinesiology.  I studied part time and attained a Diploma of Kinesiology in 2018.  It was during this journey, I discovered Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology.

In 2019, I started studying Brain Gym®Courses and in January, 2021 became a qualified 26 Movements Facilitator.  After further study, I attained my Educational Kinesiology Licence in October, 2022.  As a qualified Instructor/Consultant, I am now teaching Brain Gym®Courses and working with clients in my clinic at Nerang on the Gold Coast.

My journey of teaching students for over 40 years, raising 2 children of my own and working through my own health issues have opened my eyes and heart to the importance of connecting with my clients and meeting them where they are in their life’s journey.  I offer a gentle and nurturing space where we explore the optimum outcome for each circumstance that presents itself.

The sessions are for all ages and are designed to be playful with lots of movement.  The Brain Gym®Program is all about movement.  The basic 26 movements are easy and can be adapted to suit the client’s situation.  The easy movements are very powerful and when practised regularly as Home Play in between sessions, can assist in aligning the body/brain connection for a life of joy and harmony.

I now have two grand children and it is a joy to watch them grow and to take an active part in their lives.  I find I have energy for soccer and basketball games with my 5 year old grandson and playing imaginative games with my 8 year old grand daughter.  I incorporate regular Brain Gym® movements throughout my day to ensure that my energy levels and ability to move allow me the freedom that good health brings.  I also regularly volunteer in schools to bring Brain Gym® into the lives of teachers and students.


If you would like to attend my clinic for yourself, your child/children or your family, please contact me, I would love to hear from you.