Instructor/Consultant - Janine Stephen

Name: Janine Stephen
State: NSW
Area: Taree
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0421 995 211
E-mail: (Click to contact Janine Stephen)
Courses: BG101, BG104
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information

My name is Janine Stephen, and I have been an Infants/Primary teacher for over 20 years. I discovered Brain Gym® around 18 years ago and it was then that I began my studies to become a facilitator and instructional leader for Brain Gym® Australia.

Throughout my teaching career I have incorporated Brain Gym® activities and processes into the classroom environment that may help and support students not only academically but with the multidimensional nature of their wellbeing.

As a Brain Gym® instructor I have provided training and consultation for teachers, parents, and clients as well as implemented Brain Gym® movement programs to whole schools, classrooms, groups, and individual clients.

I am eager and passionate to continue to educate, teach and empower not only students, but teaching professionals, counsellors, health care and business professionalsor anyone who is interested in improving their responses or reactions to life’s challenges or experiences.

As well as the email address listed in the Contacts section, I can also be contacted through my business, ‘Switched On For Learning’ –