Instructor/Consultant - Ana Luzia Bonifacio

Name: Ana Luzia Bonifacio
State: VIC
Area: Derrimut, Melbourne
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0403 208 788
E-mail: (Click to contact Ana Luzia Bonifacio)
Courses: BG101, OBO, TFH 1, Hands on, Movement Exploration Series, The Vision Circles
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information



My name is Luzia. I am a consultant/instructor of BG.

How I learned about Brain Gym…

One day at work I was so fed up with my monotonous job that I went to Google

and searched exercises for the Brain.

I started doing them and kept doing them for one week and noticed that I was more

calm and switched on instead of feeling under the weather.

So, I was curious to see if there were consultants in Victoria and I was pleased that I

found one, Mary, but unfortunately, she was no longer teaching. However, there was

another teacher, Julie Gunstone, who was going to teach the following month.

I am so grateful and blessed that I did all my courses with Julie.  She is an amazing

teacher, making sure that she taught to suit all learning styles, whether visual,

auditory or kinaesthetic, and made sure that everyone Got It!

I highly recommend Brain Gym. Every day I do my PACE and I am ready for a new


It’s like tuning into a station on the radio. At the beginning you go searching then you

can hear the music clearly.

I also met a beautiful Chris. She is also a BG practitioner helped me with lots of tips.

The best thing of all is that me and my son Ruben have met Paul Dennison, the

Founder of BG.

I absolutely Love Brain Gym. It has helped me to get through a lot of challenges

in my life.

I have a passion to teach small children in schools and kindergarten because with

BG children learn new tools for life and have fun at the same time.

I also really enjoy working with clients and be the facilitator for them to empower themselves.

For me personally as a consultant, it’s a fulfilling job and I love seeing the difference in my clients before and after.


I am very grateful for the opportunity in learning BG and be able to help myself and others.


Thank you, Paul for sharing these amazing activities.