Instructor/Consultant - Eleanor Graves

Name: Eleanor Graves
State: VIC
Area: Stonnington (Melbourne)
Phone Number(s): (03) 95091426
Mobile: 0419 302 106
E-mail: (Click to contact Eleanor Graves)
Courses: BG101, BG104, OBO, TFH 1
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information

Eleanor Graves BSc., Cert. IV Kinesiology

Business Name: Thinking Moves


Background Information


Eleanor has been teaching Brain Gym®101 for more than 10 years and has over 15 years’ experience observing and studying childhood reflexes and development within the framework of Educational Kinesiology.

Interest in this field occurred when a family member was finding difficulty with reading and writing at the age of 7. In finding a means of helping to rectifying the issue, Brain Gym®, Kinesiology (Touch for Health) and reflex integration programs were learned and proved successful in helping to bring the individual up to anticipated ability/age levels.

During her time in practice and teaching Eleanor has applied the many different techniques within Educational Kinesiology and Kinesiology principles to great effect for those with whom she has been privileged to work.

Brain Gym® and associated techniques have resulted in children with whom Eleanor has worked being better able to write and formulate sentences, read with greater fluency, eliminate the reversal of letters and apply themselves to practical goals. Consistent feedback from parents and teachers after working with Eleanor has been that their children and classes have been more focused and confident and better able to pay attention resulting in improved learning outcomes.

Working with adults Eleanor’s principal focus has been in the application of Kinesiology techniques to assist individuals in articulating goals and adopting methodologies and actions for their attainment.

Areas of Special Interest

Working with children with learning and developmental issues and adults who are seeking to enhance different aspects of their lives.

Professional Services Provided

Instructor for Courses:

Brain Gym®101, Brain Gym®104, OBO, Touch for Health Modules 1 – 4. Courses are taught in small groups or on a 1 to 1 basis. Courses so far have been taught in Darwin, Melbourne, Warragul and Geelong. Face to face teaching is the preferred option.


Clients are generally seen in their homes.

Attributes of the above courses are used in consultations along with experience in other areas of Kinesiology and developmental movements depending on the needs of the client.