Instructor/Consultant - Belinda Steel

Name: Belinda Steel
State: QLD
Area: Southport Qld
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0402 148 789
E-mail: (Click to contact Belinda Steel)
Courses: BG104
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information

Belinda Steel, a Canberra native, transitioned to Sydney for an extensive period before settling on the Gold Coast in 2005. With a robust background in Biological Sciences and a career spanning over 15 years in the corporate arena, including a stint in London for her traineeship, she has traversed diverse roles across Australia. Concurrently, she successfully managed her entrepreneurial pursuits while nurturing a young family.

In her current venture, Belinda has established a home business specializing in energy healing therapies, such as Reiki and Reiki for pets, and Facial Emotional therapy. Her profound interest in energy and its transformative potential across age groups and even in the realm of pets is evident in her certified expertise.

Having navigated challenges with her own children during their schooling years, two of whom have evolved into entrepreneurs, Belinda recognized the need for holistic approaches to address stress and pressure in the corporate world. This realization inspired her to become a licensed Movement Facilitator in Brain Gym®, with the intent of aiding individuals within the corporate community to manage the intricate balance between work and family life.

Belinda envisions integrating the 26 movements into workshops tailored for the corporate sector, aged care facilities, and schools. Her passion for family, including her beloved pet, underscores the importance of resetting and recharging for quality time and self-care.

As an instructor of the Brain Gym 104 course, Belinda welcomes connections, offering personalized sessions either face-to-face or at the convenience of your home or business.