Instructor/Consultant - Toni Hackett

Name: Toni Hackett
State: ACT
Area: Holder
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0432 700 390
E-mail: (Click to contact Toni Hackett)
Courses: BG101
Will Travel: Yes

Toni has been pioneering in new areas with Edu-K ever since she was licensed in 2002. Fifteen years ago she created a program for parents based on Brain Gym, a relaxation treatment for all the senses centered around Vision Gym and Movement Re-Education, she delivered Brain Gym sessions in classrooms,  mothers and womens groups, retirement villages, stroke recovery groups etc.


For four months in 2005/6 Toni worked as an Educational Kinesiologist as part of a multidisciplinary team in a Swedish Rehabilitation Centre for people recovering from substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma and prison release.


For 5 years from 2009 to 2014 Toni managed a groups program for Relationships Australia in Canberra. It was during these years she developed a clear idea of how to work with couples, family constellations and individuals in a relational context, relying totally on noticing and using the 5 Step Process.


In 2014 she developed three programs for workplaces based on Edu-K; Move It!, Eat It! and Be It!. She offered the three programs as a professional development workshop for a multicultural team of social and community workers in Adelaide, and now delivers the three programs as part of health promotion in a small nursing based community organization.


Toni loves the 5 step balance process and uses it with all clients in her clinic. She is often astounded at the speed of change clients make in their lives. After a number of balances, couples who seem cold and distant are more connected, close and affectionate; parents who are frustrated with their children are less reactive, have greater empathy and take positive steps towards their kids; clients with trauma start to calm and organize their nervous systems better and begin to think about their relationships, future goals and lives differently; migrants with no support and high stress find renewed energy and attitudes to help navigate the complexity of their lives; and business owners who feel trapped and overwhelmed reconnect to their vitality and improve their level of organization and learn to self care.


Toni has also launched two new programs again featuring Edu-K, Reconnect and Shemewé. Check out her website for more information