Instructor/Consultant - Kate Keetley

Name: Kate Keetley
State: VIC
Area: Mildura
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0417 132 254
E-mail: (Click to contact Kate Keetley)
Courses: BG101, BG104, OBO, DD
Will Travel: Yes

Background information

Kate Keetley: Living Made Easy

Move from Effort to Ease …. Fear to Freedom........Confusion to Clarity


My work is based on

·           Generational lived experience of working with Autism Spectrum Disorder, mental health issues and learning difficulties                                                                 

·           Over 40 years of experience in the education sector     

·           More than 15 years and 2000+ hours of kinesiology training.

·           A deep sense of connection to spirit and heart centred practice  


I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise about how Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology can be used to support people of all ages, to access their abilities and reach their full potential, throughout their lives


This safe, powerful work allows me to facilitate change for clients working at the level of their basic reflexes, reducing stress and bringing balance and ease to those systems that are fundamental to living and learning.


I use these techniques daily as part of my personal practice to support and centre myself allowing me to assist my clients to make positive sustainable change.


In my clinic I use Brain Gym® with a variety of Kinesiology modalities to address learning difficulties, social and emotional issues, pain, movement and postural imbalances across all ages and stages of life.


My practice includes

·          Private consultations for individuals and families.

·          Individual and group reflex integration movement sessions. 

·          Learning assessments and programs. 

·          Kinesiology training in Brain Gym® and RMTi

·          Heart Centred Meditation

·            Mentoring kinesiology students


Training Provided

Accredited Brain Gym® Training as above 

Professional and personal development workshops

Whole school or targeted programs to enhance learning and school success

§  Informative presentations for parents, school and community groups

§  Flexible and Flowing … the effects of stress on the body/mind system

§ Go to Brain Breaks … 10 short activity sequences that take 5-10 minutes


Movement programs that promote whole brain development

  • Seniors mobility programs

  • Pre -School movement for whole brain development


Related Approved Training

  • Rhythmic Movement Training  International 1
  • Rhythmic Movement Training  International 2  
  • School Readiness
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