Instructor/Consultant - Heather Gibbons

Name: Heather Gibbons
State: SA
Area: Robe
Phone Number(s): 08 8768 2537
Mobile: 0407 978 335
E-mail: (Click to contact Heather Gibbons)
Courses: BG101,BG104, VC, OBO, SOS, SONM
Will Travel: Yes

Background Information

I was a SA primary school teacher for over 35 years and used Brain Gym® in the classroom and on the sports field for over 20 years. I practise in Robe and teach Brain Gym workshops/ courses across SA and western Victoria. One to one sessions and Skype enable me to access clients easily.

Areas of interest

I am particularly interested in working with all age groups to assist them in improving their self confidence and achieving social, emotional and academic goals to feel balanced and empowered so they can discover their full potential. Recently I have been working more with people dealing with stress, anxiety, and trauma and assisting them to 'surf' the challenges rather than be dumped by those difficult waves in life. In-depth work can lead to clients feeling lighter,  calmer and more emotionally stable.

Developing stable relationships with self and others is also a major part of my work and has led me to assist both students with peer and academic goals, musicians and sports people to play more capably, and adults dealing with challenges such as lack of balance, coordination issues, emotional instability, depression and workplace bullying.

 I have enjoyed speaking to different groups where I have introduced and shared Brain Gym® movements eg. at SA Rural Womens Gatherings, Womens' Wellbeing Days and different groups and conferences across SA and western Victoria.

Professional Services Provided

Licenced to teach:

  • Brain Gym®101
  • Brain Gym®104
  • Optimal Brain Organisation
  • Visioncircles
  • Switched On Selling™    (One to one sessions over Skype available.)
  • Switched On Network Marketing™   (One to one sessions over Skype available.)

Schools-Training and Development for staff, parents and students

  • an introductory Brain Gym® session
  • Brain Gym® and Maths
  • Brain Gym® and Spelling
  • movement based programs for whole school, class groups or individuals
  • staff stress management

General Public-Professional and Personal Training and  Development

  • an introductory Brain Gym® session
  • Brain Gym® and Realise Your Potential
  • Brain Gym® and Stress Management
  • movement based programs for staff and sports teams
  • staff stress management for individuals and groups

Private consultations

  • for students, families and other individuals as required
  • face to face or Skype sessions available
  • Edu-K 5 step goal setting strategy mixed with many different modalities
  • NDIS self -funded clients