Instructor/Consultant - Gilly Johnson

Name: Gilly Johnson
State: QLD
Area: Moorooka, Brisbane
Phone Number(s): 07 3892 2417
E-mail: (Click to contact Gilly Johnson)
Courses: BG101, BG104, OBO, VC, MD, In-Depth, F.
Will Travel: Yes

Background Information

I first came across Brain Gym® in January 1984 when I attended a basic course. As a primary school teacher with a special interest in learning difficulties, I was so excited by what I learned I was determined to learn more. In July that year, I took study leave to attend an Edu-K In Depth course being taught by Paul Dennison in San Diego, USA and completed my training as an Instructor/Consultant. Then, at the end of 1986, I left teaching to start a full-time career in Brain Gym, both as an instructor and a consultant. Since then I have continued to explore and learn more about this amazing way of learning and have used it to make many changes for myself and others. Over the years, I have taught Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology courses in South Africa, Singapore, Japan and throughout Australia.


Areas of special interest

•   All learning challenges for all ages- young children through to seniors;

•   Improving vision and eyesight;

•   Movement and facilitating ease of movement.


Professional Services Provided

Courses Taught

Brain Gym® 101


Optimal Brain Organisation

Movement Dynamics 1 & 2

Edu-K In Depth


Programs provided

General Introductory sessions; Specialised Introductory sessions, tailored to meet the unique needs of any group, small or large.

Programs for Seniors: 4-hour introductions through the Brisbane City Council GOLD program and weekly 1-hour sessions on Brain Fitness and on Excellent Eyesight.

Practise and coaching sessions for those looking for more in-depth knowledge and/or training to become a Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant.


Private Practice

In individual sessions, I offer personal, family and group sessions for all ages and at all stages of academic, social, emotional or physical learning and development.