Instructor/Consultant - José Toussaint

Name: José Toussaint
State: QLD
Area: Brisbane
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0434 626 307
E-mail: (Click to contact José Toussaint)
Courses: BG 101, BG104, TFH 1-4
Will Travel: Yes

José Toussaint is from Europe and has lived in the Bayside area of Brisbane, since 2005. She works from home as an Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym® consultant. Her journey of a Brain Gym® consultant started in 2010 when working in a nursing home. She found that by using the easy movements of Brain Gym® the clients at the dementia unit were able to remember her and each other’s names. 

José has worked at schools using Brain Gym® to improve reading and to decrease learning difficulties. When needed, sometimes she uses one of her dogs or her cat in her consultation to make the client at ease.

José teaches Touch For Health 1,2,3,4 and Brain Gym® 101, Brain Gym® 104 

She visits once a month a drop-in centre for mental health to provide Brain Gym® movements. 

Her favourite saying is. "Seven days without Brain Gym® makes one 'weak'.

(José has a enthusiast in Qi Gong and a student in acupuncture. She loves walking on the beach or in the forest.)