Instructor/Consultant - Simone Greer

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Name: Simone Greer
State: QLD
Area: Moreton Bay
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0408 638 403
E-mail: (Click to contact Simone Greer)
Courses: BG101
Will Travel: Yes


Background information

My background is in business. I am a financial accountant. My passion is promoting good health and wellbeing. This includes being a Health Food Farmer (‘Bronel Natural Foods’).


Since having my wonderful son, Luke, I have become more aware that what we eat and do to ourselves makes such a big impact on our lives.  My son is sensitive to many foods and the environment around him. Having him in my life, has made me realise it is very important to see the big picture of life and be aware of our actions, which impact on the whole body and soul. Brain Gym ®, advanced Educational Kinesiology and other movement based programs all assist us to make the most of this wonderful world we live in. 


Areas of Interest

Nothing gives me greater joy than to connect with other people who share my passion for being healthy on all levels.  I love to assist people who take an interest in improving themselves and who are ready and willing to make changes to reach their full potential.      


Professional Services Provided

·      Private Consultants – one on one

·      One day information sessions

·      Presentations to private groups

·      In-school Brain Gym® sessions

·      Teach Brain Gym ®101 course