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181 Faculty at Work (FW) 4 hours – Observe the experts at work! Brain Gym Faculty tailor this course to the specific audience. There will be opportunities to watch, give, and/or receive Edu-K balances, ask questions, and refine techniques. This class can be face-to-face, online, or a hybrid. Contact Faculty to schedule! Pre-req: Brain Gym 101 highly recommended.


182 Faculty at Work (FW) 8 hours– Get the answers directly from the experts, the Brain Gym Faculty. This day-long course will allow for group assessment, goal setting, and execution. It may include balances, discussion, and paired practicing of techniques. This class can be face-to-face, online or a hybrid of the two. Contact Faculty to schedule! Pre-req: Brain Gym 101 highly recommended.


302 Faculty at Work In Depth (FWID) 8 hours– Go deeper with the Seven Dimensions of Intelligence! This is a customized day-long course that may include group assessment, goal setting, facilitation, balances, discussion, paired practicing and more. The format may be face-to-face, online or a hybrid of the two. Contact Faculty to schedule! Pre-req: In Depth 301.

Date & TimeTitleLocationOutline FAW CourseInstructor & Contact Details
15th July 2020
1.30-3.30pm (AEST) over 4 days - July 15, 22, 29 & August 5
Eyes & Brain GymOnline

Eyes and Brain Gym - a Faculty @ Work Session

An active exploration of vision and eyesight with Gilly Johnson

Round about 30 years ago I realised it was possible to change my eyesight and maybe get rid of my glasses, so my journey started. I learned it's one of those things that is simple, but not necessarily easy. I also learned a great deal about eyes and vision and seeing.

I reached my goal and experienced the pleasure of legally driving without glasses, after having needed glasses for distance vision since I was at Secondary school and was not able to read the blackboard.  I found I could actually see much better without my glasses, especially at night, as I had cleared nearly all of my short-sightedness and astigmatism. Brain Gym/Edu-K was my most used tool as it allowed me to integrate and process what I was learning. 

So this day is about sharing and exploring the things I learned and maybe broadening your view of good vision/eyesight to see that it is much more than passing the optometrist's tests.

Those of you who have only met me more recently will have seen that I now use glasses again for distance vision, as I have developed cataracts. Though even at the age of over 80,  I still do not need reading glasses and can thread a needle, including the needle on my sewing machine.

Friends and colleagues have been encouraging me to pass on my knowledge and experience for quite a time so now I am doing that.

Prerequisite - BG101

Gilly Johnson
07 3892 2417

Fee: $180