Instructor/Consultant - Marguerite Wetton

Name: Marguerite Wetton
State: NSW
Area: Cammeray, Sydney
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0414994922
E-mail: (Click to contact Marguerite Wetton)
Courses: BG 101, OBO, VC
Will Travel: No

Biographical Information

I teach Brain Gym®101, Visioncircles and Optimal Brain Organization and Dominance Factors.

I work with clients in the USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia. I have been using Brain Gym ® since the 1980’s, to enhance clients’ outcomes towards joy and growth. Working internationally affords a healthy diversity to a busy practice life, and maintains cross-pollination of ideas.

Combining many natural methods with Brain Gym ® my joy is facilitating change in the lives of others and myself. Continuously curious and investigative, the non-judgemental process follows a positive and smooth direction, full of kindness and self-acceptance. This is true for all ages and both genders.

As more choices become possible, goals and visions towards greater ease and contentment evolve. Movement is the greatest dynamic expression of shifting from a state of challenge or chaos to a state of ease, be it emotionally, relationally, in terms of goals and visions, or intellectually.

Other areas of interest are: migraines, elder growth of facilities, women’s work, and enabling easy movement towards our own giftedness.

As a Montessori, Steiner and conventional teacher using Brain Gym ® is a natural extension to facilitating outcomes for children experiencing challenges of any kind.

Developmental movement is of prime interest to me. It allows me to assist children with unusual movement patterns to achieve natural ease and natural sequences to movement eg: facilitating crawling or walking in infants who adopt other methods to move which are less developmentally beneficial to posture and learning.

I am a grandmother and voluntary worker for a charity in Africa where women’s empowerment to care for their families is the primary focus (Hillcrest Aids Centre). I am a facilitator of movement and love gardening, bush walking, swimming, dance, yoga and playing in nature.

I am also a Homeopath, Movement Educator (Montessori Early Childhood, Steiner Ed, High School HDipEd) body worker, and author QiTouch Healing. I have worked for more than 40 yrs in counselling and psychotherapeutic disciplines and the aforementioned modalities. Brain Gym® informs all that I do in clinic and teaching for the past decades.

My private practice is in Sydney.