Instructor/Consultant - Helen Duckworth

Name: Helen Duckworth
State: QLD
Area: Carindale, Brisbane
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0468 964 151
E-mail: (Click to contact Helen Duckworth)
Courses: BG 101, BG104
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information

Background Information

Helen is a Teacher and Urban Planner with thirty-five years experience as an Educator. Helen has worked as a primary and secondary teacher and as a Tutor in Strategic Planning at the University of Queensland and a volunteer Tutor in Adult Literacy and TESOL for TAFE, Mt Gravatt Campus.

With a lifelong passion for upskilling others, Helen has applied her teaching skills in a wide range of learning environments. She enjoys connecting with people and their interests and has facilitated, as a local community volunteer and strategic planner for statewide planning projects, group discussions, community meetings and hands-on workshops to bring about positive change.

Brain Gym®and Helen

Helen discovered Brain Gym®’stransformative power later in her life while attending a team-building workshop.The workshop energy and dynamics changed after her planning team engaged in a short Brain Gym® session using PACE and several simple Brain Gym® movements. Work colleagues switched on, team input increased and contributions were more collaborative and innovative. Inspired, Helen later went on to explore how Brain Gym® might help to  improve her vision.   Impressed with feeling less stressed when she worked at the computer and completed dexterously fiddly tasks, she registered to attend a BG®101 course.

Paul Dennison’s philosophy of whole-brained learning and being in a dynamic integrated state to learn effectively resonated deeply with Helen’s own learning and teaching experiences. She often compensated for her own setbacks of poor reflex integration and a lazy left eye by parallel processing, particularly when she felt rushed, pressured or striving beyond her comfort zone. She may have enjoyed a successful career and ticked all the boxes academically with flying colours but her learning pathway and approach to new and challenging tasks had not been angst-free – nor likely a joy to those working beside her!

Encouraged by how Brain Gym®helped her to feel calmer and able to stand back and get a clearer and fuller perspective of situations, Helen resolved to live and learn by the Brain Gym® model and went on to train and qualify as a Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant. She continues to use Brain Gym® to improve her vision, be more fully in the moment for her grandchildren and embrace new interests with a freer and more creative spirit. Brain Gym® remains Helen’s portable self-help tool to notice and shift her focus. And  it integrates perfectly with her other passions for staying cool, calm and collected: Yoga, Meditation, Chakra Healing, Reiki and Chi Touch and being in the outdoors – walking, gardening or dabbling with outdoor art.


Area  of Interest and Philosophy 

Having benefitted from Brain Gym’s gems, Helen is passionate about resourcing others with value-adding skills and knowledge that will help them to embrace and share new and different skills and ideas with more ease and confidence.

Her focus is on supporting clients to be in a more relaxed and aware mindset, so they feel clearer and more energized to engage positively with their challenges and can make conscious constructive choices about them. Helen’s philosophy is one of self-empowerment- helping others to help themselves.  She believes clients can bring their best and better assist others when they are fully connected with their innate intelligence to do so.

So….If any of the following scenarios resonate with you,Helen would love to hear from you and share how Brain Gym® can help get you back on track to living your life with more joy and ease. …

Ø  You feel daunted and stuck and are fed up with not embracing new opportunities.  You wished you could just relax and let go, so you would explore and alter your direction with greater confidence and ease

Ø  You have been setback by an unexpected challenge and are out of your comfort zone . . . a shadow of your old self. What you would do to stop worrying and doubting yourself, so you got back on top of your challenges decisively and confidently

Ø  You feel scattered and pressured by life’s busy-ness and distractions... and you are falling short.  You just wished you felt calmer and clearer again, so you could be more focused and bring your attention fully and easily to what matters

Ø  You feel as though you are on a different wavelength to others you want  to make headway with …and  are struggling to get them on board with your plans and ideas. If you knew how to get them to tune in and listen, you might  be able to ignite their interest and start to get things happening.


Professional  Services: 

By appointment, Wednesday to Saturday

Accredited Courses Taught: Brain Gym® 101, Brain Gym® 104

Private Sessions:   In Clinic, On-line by Zoom

Introductory Talks to interested community groups, by mutual agreement


·     Introductory Sessions – 2 hours – On-line by Zoom. Mobile to Workplace

·     Personal Development Workshops – Half-Day – In clinic

·     Professional Development Workshops- One Day-Mobile to Workplace


Clinic Address: 18 Almavale Street, Carindale (ample parking available)

Clinic Hours: Wednesday to Saturday by appointment

For all bookings contact Helen on  0468  964 151 or email with your enquiry