Instructor/Consultant - Gilly Johnson

Name: Gilly Johnson
State: QLD
Area: Moorooka, Brisbane
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0466 724 702
E-mail: (Click to contact Gilly Johnson)
Courses: BG101, BG104, BG110, BG181, BG182, OBO, VC, MD, In-Depth, F.
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information


Please contact Gilly for information about online courses and individual sessions.

Background Information

I attended my first Brain Gym® course in January 1984. Both as a parent and as a primary school teacher with a special interest in learning, I was so excited by what I experienced I determined to find out more. In July that year, I took study leave to attend an Edu-K In Depth course being taught by Paul Dennison in San Diego, USA and completed my training as an Instructor/Consultant. At the end of 1986 I left teaching to start a full-time career in Brain Gym, both as an instructor and a consultant. In 1991 I became a member of the Educational Kinesiology International Faculty teaching the Edu-K In Depth and the Brain Gym Teacher Practicum. Since then I have continued to explore and discover more about this unique way of learning and used it to make many changes for myself and others. Over the years, I have taught Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology training courses in South Africa, Singapore, Japan and throughout Australia.

Areas of special interest

The connection between movement and learning.

Successful easy learning for children and adults of all ages and abilities;

Vision and eyesight;

Movement, facilitating ease and enjoyment of moving.

Staying active and involved with life and learning as we age.

Professional Services Provided

Courses Taught

101 Brain Gym® 101

104 Brain Gym® 26 Movements

110 Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator Training

181/2 Faculty @ Work sessions

201 Optimal Brain Organisation

220 Visioncircles

223/4 Movement Dynamics 1 & 2

301 Edu-K In Depth

Programs provided

General Introductory sessions;

Professional Development and Introductory sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of any group, small or large;

Programs for Seniors: 4-hour introductions through the Brisbane City Council GOLD program on Brain Fitness and on Excellent Eyesight;

Practise and coaching sessions for those looking for more in-depth knowledge and/or training to become a Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant;

Individual Visioncircles sessions – a series of 8 sessions based on the Visioncircles course.

Private Practice

I have given individual sessions in and around Brisbane for more than 30 years. I offer personal, family and group Brain Gym sessions for all ages and for all stages of academic, social, emotional or physical learning and development.