Instructor/Consultant - Gay Landeta

Name: Gay Landeta
State: QLD
Area: Herston, Brisbane QLD and Tenterfield, NSW
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0418 795 135
E-mail: (Click to contact Gay Landeta)
Courses: BG101, BG104, VC, OBO,
Will Travel: Yes

Biographical Information

Background Information

I came across Brain Gym® in 1992 and was hooked. At that time I had two young children, one with mild learning challenges and another with more profound learning and behavioural challenges together with speech and vision delays.

I initially wanted to help them but immediately noticed how much it helped me cope with my life. And as I started to use it with my children I noticed definite and positive change. I didn’t realise then that I had embarked on a new career. I continued to learn more to help myself and my children and ended up an Instructor of Brain Gym® in 1995.

I began practicing in 1996 and continued to explore the impact of movement on learning through reflexes, working extensively with children within my own practice and with those in residential and foster care. I continued training within the Educational Kinesiology Curriculum as well as adding Transformational Kinesiology to my practice. In 1999 I became an Optimal Brain Organisation Instructor as well as a Visioncircles Instructor to be able to support my clients to support themselves more effectively.

In 2000 I enrolled in Bachelor Degree in Social Science, (Human Services) majoring in mood disorders and disability. I had never been a great student but, with the help of Brain Gym®, I was very proud to graduate with a GPA of 6.7 (out of 7).

The Brain Gym philosophy of ‘drawing out our innate intelligence’ underpins my work in every way. I know movement is indeed ‘the door to learning’ as Dr Paul Dennison says, and I continue to explore its use and connection to our neural development though Educational Kinesiology and other moment programs and neural development programs.

Areas of special interest:

  • Anxiety and mood disorders, children and adults.
  • Developmental delay, including physiological, neural and emotional development.

Professional Services Provided:

Courses Taught: Brain Gym® 101, Brain Gym® 104, Optimal Brain Organisation (OBO), Visioncircles(VC)

In-services & Workshops for Educational, Workplace or Human Services Providers.

On-line Clinic via Zoom: appointments available each day

In-person Clinic Brisbane: Every third week.

In-person Clinic Tenterfield: Other times by appointment

For all bookings  or contact me on 0418 795 135.


Clinic Addresses: 

Brisbane – 61 Hetherington St, Herston, QLD 4006. (every third week)

Tenterfield – Miles Street, NSW 2372 (other times)

Or Zoom anytime – direct link to book