Instructor/Consultant - Caren Greyling

Name: Caren Greyling
State: NSW
Area: Hills District, NSW
Phone Number(s):
Mobile: 0420 857 471
E-mail: (Click to contact Caren Greyling)
Courses: BG101, VC, Dominance Factor
Will Travel: Yes

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Unlock your potential!

With a person-centred approach I hold a deep belief that each person is a unique being, capable of greatness. Especially passionate about support and intervention for children with learning disabilities and behavioural concerns and their families, the focus is always on your strengths, needs and goals and finding practical ways to achieve what you set out to do. 

I am committed to supporting you to unlock your full potential. Passionate about learning and teaching, my work focuses on targeting ineffective behaviours, habits, and beliefs, taking a collaborative approach to helping you reach your goals. 

My first professional exposure to teaching was in 1997 when I joined Smile Education as a consultant. As a young mum with two toddlers at the time, I loved exploring and implementing innovative ways to make learning fun. Obtaining a Rhythmic Gymnastics club in the early 2000’s saw me working with and training young gymnasts and I was in awe of the progress young learners made in other areas of their lives. As a trained counsellor, instructor and consultant and having worked in corporate and therapy related roles for more than 25 years, I offer a wealth of experience both professionally and lived. I practised in various countries and with culturally diverse clients and colleagues. 

My first encounter with Brain Gym® was in 2005, when I was desperately looking for solutions to support one of my own children.  The goal that was set at that first session was reached within 24 hours!  I enrolled for my first Brain Gym® course in November 2005 and by April 2008 I had completed my Practitioners’ and Teacher Practicum training.  I proceeded to complete my Vision Circles™ teacher training in January 2009 and The Dominance Factor teacher training in 2016. 

Other experience and training include a Bachelors with specialisation in Psychological Counselling, Studies in Master of Business Leadership, Assessor and Moderator certification, Adult Education, Teacher Training as well as training in Positive Behaviour Support with my next endeavour being registration as a Behaviour Support Practitioner and the completion of Dual masters degrees in Psychology and Applied Behaviour Analysis. 

For more information on training courses and NDIS services or if you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with me, please visit my website to create a booking request.

  • Brain Gym 101 Teacher
  • Vision Circles Teacher
  • Dominance Factor Teacher
  • NDIS provider