The Brain Gym International website has a wealth of information about how the Brain Gym program has been used around the world.

Brain Gym Journal

For many years, the Brain Gym Journal was published quarterly with reports by Brain Gym Consultants from many different countries about their exciting experiences and successes . These can be accessed through the ‘Learn More’ tab on the Brain Gym® International website. (See link below)

A sample of the Journals, including links, are listed below. One or more of the topics covered within each Journal has been described briefly:

‘The Moving Classroom: Results of a School District Research Study’  Pilot Study (double blind study) (Wetzler, Germany)

           ‘The Brain Gym Difference’ (Georgia, USA)
            ‘How Brain Gym has given me a New Advocacy as an Educator’ (The Philippines, South East Asia)
            ‘Moving To Learn in an Australian Primary School’ (N.S.W., Australia)
           ‘Using Brain Gym with People Who Have  Parkinson’s Disease’ (Oregon, USA)
           ‘Assessing the Effects of Brain Gym on Visual Processing Speed and Reading’ (Oxford, UK)
          ‘Changing A School Culture for the Better’ (California, USA)
           A number of articles around the theme ‘Music, Movement and Sensory Perception’


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