About Brain Gym® Australia, Inc

What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is a lifelong educational, movement based programme which uses simple movements to integrate the whole brain, senses and body, preparing the person with the physical skills they need to live and learn more effectively.

Incorporating 26 easy and enjoyable targeted activities, Brain Gym® develops the brain’s neural pathways the way nature does – through movement – and can be used to improve a wide range of learning, attention and behaviour skills. Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym® are the result of many years of research into learning and brain function by American educationalist, Dr Paul Dennison PhD. Brain Gym® is now used in over 80 countries and is recognised as a safe, effective and innovative educational and self-development tool, which integrates body and mind to bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in concentration, memory, reading, writing, organising, listening, physical coordination and more.

Who does Brain Gym® assist??

In reality, everyone would benefit from using Brain Gym in their daily life. Originally created to help children and adults with learning challenges, for example dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD, Brain Gym® is now used to improve functioning and life quality by people from all walks of life from education to the arts, business, healthcare, sport and personal development. The movements can be safely used by people of almost any age and mobility, from babies upwards.

What can it benefit??

The improvement in whole brain function that can result from use of the Brain Gym® movements has potential benefits for areas such as:

  • academic skills – for example, reading, writing, spelling and maths
  • memory, concentration and focus
  • organisational skills
  • physical co-ordination and balance
  • sports performance
  • communication skills and language development
  • self-development and personal stress management
  • the achievement of goals, both professional and personal, for individuals and groups

How can it be used??

It can be used at the beginning of your day, before stepping into your car to drive to work, before a meeting or performance, or at the end of the day to sleep more soundly.

Brain Gym® is available throughout Australia in a variety of ways:

* Certificate courses, workshops and talks

* In-service training for schools and organisations

* One-to-one consultations

Where can I find out more??

To find a certified Instructors/Consultants in your area click on Instructor/Consultant above. All Instructors/Consultants listed on our website are licensed to offer Brain Gym consultations and the Brain Gym®101 course. The instructors, who teach advanced level Edu K courses, are listed. To locate your nearest Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant or for information on training courses for general interest, professional or personal development please click on our menu bar above.

The Brain Gym® Australia Inc., is a not-for-profit organisation, which supports the work of Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology in this country. Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym® are registered trademarks and only certified Instructors and Consultants are entitled to use them professionally.

Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of Brain Gym® International / Educational Kinesiology Foundation, www.braingym.org