Instructor/Consultant - Julie Steedman

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Name: Julie Steedman
State: NSW
Area: Bowral
Phone Number(s): 02 4862 1443
Mobile: 0427 439 870
E-mail: (Click to contact Julie Steedman)
Will Travel: No

I am a qualified Brain Gym Instructor & have a Cert. 4 in Kinesiology.


I see clients one-on-one so that individual challenges can be focused on.

My clients are of varying ages and abilities.


Kids find the sessions fun and not at all like work, yet still get huge

benefits academically.


My adult clients leave feeling relaxed and

vibrant with renewed energy.


They love the strategies I give them using the simple techniques and movements of Brain Gym in conjunction with Kinesiology.


Call me Julie Steedman on: 0427 439 870  to find out how I  can help you or your child

 have a happier life, academically, emotionally, structurally & behaviourally.