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 2017 International Conference– July 13-16, 2017 in Incheon, South Korea

2017 Conference
Call for Proposals & More!
Conference Site is Live
The 2017 Conference preparations are in full swing!  You can visit the website anytime by selecting the “Annual Conference” link on the Brain Gym International homepage.
It is already FULL of tips and valuable information! Check back regularly for additional updates!
Call for Proposals
In the meantime, we’re looking for workshop presenters. Please submit your proposal using our online application:
Registration is Open
 Conference Facebook Page
Check out the conference Facebook page to look for roommates and catch up on updates!:

2018 International Conference– July 12-15, 2018 in Damme, Germany

Introductory Workshops  (Click on our Course tab above to find out what’s on offer near you.)

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Victorian Brain Gym/Edu-K Network Meeting dates for 2017:

The meetings are generally held on the third Friday of the month and run from 10.30 am – 2.30pm.

Dates for regular meetings:


Anyone interested in Brain Gym is welcome to attend the meetings. Regular attendees are invited to join the Network. Cost is $20 a year.

 Did you know you can earn CPE credit points for AKA and BGA by attending our meetings?

For survey form, membership form, Minutes and practice day information, contact Chris Bozkewcyz:    phone: 0431 583 367


 Recent Events in Australia in 2016-2017

September  2016

An Introduction to Brain Gym® was one of the workshops available to participants at the 2016 SA Rural Women’s Gathering to be held in Renmark. The ladies loved the session and went away feeling much more relaxed.

November  2016

Anita Robertson organised a Brain Gym demonstration at Campbelltown’s historic The Manse. She recently taught a Brain Gym®101 course to the 12 leaders of the 4000 international aged care clients. Participants had a great time.


BRAIN GYM® Australia Inc is an approved  affiliate  of BRAIN GYM® International.

Our Australian group is part of a worldwide organisation dedicated to:

  • enhancing living and learning through the science of movement;
  • celebrating each individual’s unique learning style; and
  • creating and promoting educational and wellness programs designed to increase human potential, reduce stress, and address learning challenges.

For more than 30 years and in over 80 countries Brain Gym has been helping people of all ages and abilities – babies, children, adults and seniors to:

  • Learn ANYTHING faster and more easily
  • Overcome learning challenges
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Be more focused and organised
  • Start and finish projects with ease
  • Reach new levels of excellence
  • Create ease in learning and living
  • Encourage creativity, self expression and self responsibility

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Brain Gym® Interview on Coxy’s Big Break

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